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One of the single most important scenes glee has ever done

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one day Ill have a falt tummy , it wont make me happy but ill make me feel better i am already HAPPY
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looks like a tip of a dick in the clouds naught clouds lmaoooooo
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My Baeeeeeeeeeeee
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  awkward dude.
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When someone says my natural hair ain’t cute…
Bitch please!

yesss preachh
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rowannewton submitted 
By Rowan Newton

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"You’re pretty for a black girl"
"You’re the only black girl I’d ever date"
"What are you mixed with, you speak so nicely" nothing…I didn’t know being well spoken & race had a correlation
"You’re not a REAL black person, you’re white on the inside"
"Look how tan I got! I’m almost as dark as you"
*talking about my tan lines* Science teacher at my school: “Wait…black people change color? Like they tan? I didn’t know that was possible” what the fuck?
"Is this your real hair? Black people don’t normally have hair like this" Oh really? What kind of hair do we “normally” have?
"Oh you’re Jamaican, so you’re not really black" huh…?